Why choose us?

A Third Foot was started in 1997 by two skateboarders from Worcester, Ken & Joel. Their roots come from the DIY ethos, wanting to have a go in a garage at breaking the common consensus(of that time) that a good board can only be made in the US.

Now based in Birmingham, totally independent and funded through their own hard work, A Third Foot is the UK'S one and only skateboard manufacturer. Using only the finest hard rock maple, specially formulated glue, original concave design and a hands on attention to detail, A Third Foot crafts the highest quality boards available.

The team through the years has and always will be a solid part of who ATF is. Due to the joint effort of it's organic structure and only hooking up people that don't only like to skate, but skate to live, ATF has established itself as a brand for skaters by skaters.